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ChumChumSoft is a place where you can download a lot of software full version, keygen, crack, patch, serial number, games, info about linux, open source code, tips and tricks, and antivirus for free

Beginning of the creation of this blog ...

I am a playful with the name of the software, and have always wanted to try and learn any software that I see and I hear, by going to the internet cafe to come home definitely bring at least 2 pieces of software, then stored on my personal computer at home ... :) Hehehhe..

Long story short ... one day my hard drive is full and no longer able to accommodate the software that I downloaded and peak hold when my hard drive is broken, so the data and software that have long gone missing I collected some where: (. disaster was inevitable. then I think how so I downloaded the software that already I can back-up if there was something going again on my hard drive. then came the initiative to back up my data storage for free via the internet., and I started uploading software that was left in my 4Gb flash and then I archive in this blog .... :)
That's about so ChumChumSoft could exist. This is arguably (ChumChumSoft) is my hard drive indefinitely. :)
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