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J. River Media Center 19.0.28 Full Version With PATCH

J. River Media Center - media center. Plays most popular audio and video formats, including MP3, audio CD and DVD, can convert CD-audio tracks in WAV, MP3, copy to your hard disk vinyl discs and cassettes, as well as create an audio-CD, and for all these functions, the program has many customizable options. In addition, there is a very good and powerful in its capabilities organizer of multimedia files, mediaredaktor, equalizer, built-in DSP and convenient scheduler for automating processes playing / recording, as well as support for remote control. From the optional, but nice features – becoming almost a standard for “decent” programs can change the appearance using skins, mini-player mode and the “TV”. With the help of J. River Media Center you can, using a computer to control all connected to your home entertainment devices. With this program you can copy music to portable digital players and mix your digital photos from your camera into a digital library media center, record audio files from audio CDs, record your favorite TV shows and watch them on TV. Media Center allows you to include in different rooms at the same time, different music. The program provides an opportunity to organize a collection of photos, view detailed information about each file. Unique full-screen mode allows you to work with the media collection, driving it to a monitor or TV. Supports a variety of remote controls. Media Center supports many models of portable players, you can synchronize your media library with the iPod and many other devices.

Key features:
  • Supports over 80 file formats
  • Create custom Playlists and Smartlists from the library
  • CD and DVD
  • Support for popular MP3 devices, including IPod ®, Creative ® and SanDisk ®
  • A choice of skins
  • Search, download and playback on Google Video / Images, YouTube and SHOUTcast – all without leaving the app
  • Media Mode – button for quick access to information such as: music, photos, videos
  • Built-in CD Labeler for printing labels
  • Automatic monitoring of imports and newly added files
  • Mouse wheel zooming and panning for pictures, video, DVD and TV
  • Support for Winamp 2 skins
  • The new display viewing mode
  • Remote control
  • Media Server – Home networking
  • Replay Gain (volume leveling)
  • In-line editing of file properties
  • Web TV and Radio
  • Visualization Studio – create and save your own visualizations
  • Media Planner
  • Built-in Download Manager
  • DSP / EQ Studio
  • Media editor to edit music files
  • View TV (with tuner)
  • Recording and Playback DVD
  • The organization and improvement of digital image
  • 3D visualization
  • Flexible database that allows unlimited new fields to add
  • Panel View – shows album art / image for each track or CD or DVD
  • Built-in music editor SlideShow
  • ASIO playback
  • Multi-Zone playback
  • Web or FTP downloading media files
  • Support Play ‘N’ Universal Plug devices such as Media Streamers
  • Basic image editing
  • Multi-Zone Synchronization
System requirements:
  • The Pentium 600 MHz or higher.
  • 32 MB of RAM.
  • 40 MB of free hard disk space.
  • Sound card.
  • Video card.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.
  • We recommend connecting to the Internet.
Changes in JRiver Media Center 19.0.29 (17/8/2013):

1. NEW: Freshened the look of the default Noire skin.
2. Fixed: The uninstaller could fail to start if a different version of Media Center was used last.
3. Changed: When searching for sidecar artwork, instead of searching only for Folder.jpg, the program will find Folder.jpg, Cover.jpg, Front.jpg (and also any image extension like .jpeg, .png, etc.).
4. Changed: When scanning for television channels, the tuner type is automatically selected according to user configured tuner type of the first non-disabled tuner in the list, instead of always defaulting to “ATSC”.
5. Changed: Removed the appearance selection page from the installer.
6. Fixed: Using the new group expressions in Theater View could cause ‘circular reference’ errors to appear in some cases.
7. Changed: When the Analyze Audio tool is being run manually (ie. not part of auto-import), it will prevent the system from going to sleep.
8. Fixed: Tooltips in edit controls were not showing reliably (making it hard to get context sensitive help when editing expressions).
9. NEW: The target latency for live playback (WASAPI loopback, ASIO line-in, JRiver ASIO driver) can be configured in Options > Audio > Advanced > Live playback latency (remember that the output latency from Options > Audio > Device settings… is added to this latency).
10. Fixed: DVD Video burning was not working for longer duration video files.
11. Changed: .rec files will now be recognized and played.

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