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Connectify Hotspot Pro Full Crack

Connectify Hotspot PRO adalah software yang dapat mengubah laptop anda menjadi hotspot Wi-Fi sehingga Anda dapat berbagi satu koneksi Internet

Connectify Hotspot: For Hotspot users this is a major new release, bringing a new driver, and many performance improvements:
  •     New Driver: A new driver is installed which provides increased stability and works better with Windows 8.
  •     New Tutorial: The new tutorial walks you through setting up your Hotspot for the first time. The tutorial walkthrough can be launched anytime from the Connectify Help menu.
  •     New Online Profile: Hotspot PRO users now have access to their web-based Connectify account profile. The profile lets users manage their Connectify product licenses and login information, easily submit and track support tickets, and provides one click access to tutorials and FAQ.
  •     Bug Fixes: Too many to list. This release represents nearly 6 months of effort to improve performance and solve customer issues. The work on Connectify Dispatch lead to a major overhaul of the underlying networking engine of Hotspot. Users will see more reliable, faster Internet, that works with more broadband cards and carrier networks worldwide.
  •     Update: Connectify 5 runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Users running XP and Vista can continue to use Connectify Hotspot v3.7.1
  •     Update: Connectify uses the .NET 4.5 Framework. The installer will prompt Windows 7 users to install .NET 4.5 if it is not already installed.
  •     Feature: The Connectify Troubleshooter now allows the user to specify whether they are trying to troubleshoot Hotspot or Dispatch.
  •     Feature: Support tickets are now accessible from one easy location on the Connectify site. You can find them either from the menu under Help -> Online Support, or by going to http://www.connectify.me/support
  •     Feature: Hotspot will automatically choose the recommended “Internet to Share” device if the user has not previously selected a device to use.
  •     Feature: Wireless devices in the “Internet to Share” list display the wireless SSID in addition to the adapter name.
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